Summer, Stories, and Schadenfraude

  “I’m always going to call this summer the Thimble Summer." Elizabeth Enright, Thimble Summer When I was my daughter’s age, summers were spent sitting outside in a tire swing on our small patch of green on a city street, under a weeping willow, while my mother retold her own adapted versions of Tennessee Williams … Continue reading Summer, Stories, and Schadenfraude


My friend Elizabeth worked for several years at a video store called the Movie Fan. My BloNo friends know this place, and remember it fondly, from its dragon-with-a-megaphone logo (“Seymour Movies!”) to the entertaining staff picks (Das Boot—the 10-hour directors cut!!) to Dave, the bespectacled, movie-loving, all-around dear individual who made the trip inside worth … Continue reading Splendor

I Have Come for what Belongs to me

  for Elizabeth   I was driving, though Beth could still drive at that point, and although we didn’t say it, we wondered if it might be our last road trip. Up Route 5 from Brattleboro to Bellows Falls, through Putney, Vermont, everything around us was buzzing and green, as it is in Vermont in … Continue reading I Have Come for what Belongs to me

Remarks on the Untimely Death of my Best Friend, on a Snowy March Day, in a Doomed World

This is, title notwithstanding, about fun and laughter. We had so much fun. Elizabeth would sometimes say “I’ll pray for your soul, Mister” instead of goodbye, in the tone of a Puritan preacher. One of her favorite Homer Simpson lines was “Why can’t I watch ‘Honk if you’re horny in quiet dignity?” She enjoyed pictures or … Continue reading Remarks on the Untimely Death of my Best Friend, on a Snowy March Day, in a Doomed World

What is, What was, and What we see

by Taryn Heon Moments that are small and simple stick with me first and foremost. Like the way a hand feels upon a back during a goodbye or welcome hug from a person with sincerity. I find myself forgetting platitudes. I forget them intentionally. The words do, probably, have some wisdom or good intention to … Continue reading What is, What was, and What we see

I love True Crime and I cannot lie

I met my best friend in grad school, when we both discovered we shared the same guilty secret/pleasure:  our love of true crime. This took place in a Midwestern English grad program in the early/mid 1990s, when we shared a square, windowless office at the end of a long, windowless hall, across from some fellow grad student boys who thought they were so … Continue reading I love True Crime and I cannot lie

Ten Books for our Times

  Barack Obama said that reading novels helped him survive the presidency. Literature may help us survive Trump's time in office as well. In making this list, I tried to avoid the usual suspects, like 1984, the Handmaid’s Tale, Animal Farm, and Fahrenheit 451, but there's not a thing wrong with those, either. Here are my picks: Richard … Continue reading Ten Books for our Times