Nancy Drew, 2017, and Skipping the Racist Parts

One of my most prized possessions is my collection of Nancy Drew books and games. My most valuable book is a first-edition Hidden Staircase from the 1920s (no book jacket, sad to say) and I have both versions of the board game, the Nancy Drew Cookbook (mmmm… “Mystery Corn Pudding”), the Mad Libs, the graphic … Continue reading Nancy Drew, 2017, and Skipping the Racist Parts

Summer, Stories, and Schadenfraude

  “I’m always going to call this summer the Thimble Summer." Elizabeth Enright, Thimble Summer When I was my daughter’s age, summers were spent sitting outside in a tire swing on our small patch of green on a city street, under a weeping willow, while my mother retold her own adapted versions of Tennessee Williams … Continue reading Summer, Stories, and Schadenfraude