14915587_10154472337250700_1422099648787169925_nMy name is Kirsti Anne Sandy and I am  a memoirist/essayist, English Professor, small-time chicken farmer, and the Dean of Arts, Education, and Culture at Keene State Collge.  My book, She Lived, and the Other Girls Diedhttps://www.upne.com/0872332645.html ,a collection of essays about coming of age in 1970s and 1980s mill towns near Boston, will be published by Bauhan Publishing in Fall 2018 and was the winner of the 2017 Monadnock Essay Collection Prize. My work can be found in Northern New England ReviewThe Boiler, Split Lip, Prick of the Spindle, Barnstorm, Foliate Oak, BioStories, Gravel Magazine, Anthem Journal, Natural Bridge, Under the Gum Tree, The Flexible Persona, Freerange Nonfiction, and Dirty Chai. One of my pieces, “I Have Come for What Belongs to me” was awarded the 2017 Raven Prize for Creative Nonfiction. I am a fan of Megan Abbott, Maggie Nelson, Elizabeth Hatmaker,  Roxane Gay, Meghan O’Rourke, Joanne Beard, and Joan Aiken (the Wolves Chronicles, especially). I find the act of remembering fascinating, especially when memories are transformed into the written word.

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